ALFA's annual Spring Fishermen's Expo: April 2, 2019

March 26th 2019

ALFA to host Spring Fishermen’s Expo, free educational workshops for local fishermen


The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association (ALFA) is hosting a Spring Fishermen’s Expo on April 2nd to provide educational workshops and technical assistance to local fishermen. 

During the workshops, fishermen will have the opportunity to attend bathymetric mapping workshops by Daniel Joram of Nobeltec, at both beginner and advanced levels, and receive technical support on their vessels. They can also attend a “hydraulics: tackling common problems that cause lost fishing time” session by Paul Rioux from Precision Boatworks, and an “electrical systems for fishing vessels” presentation by Eric Holmgren from Current Navigation LLC. both presentations will provide time for questions and troubleshooting. There will also be a discuss lead by Jerry Dzugan from AMSEA, “What’s new in survival equipment, a question and answer session.”

ALFA is an alliance of small-boat, commercial fishermen that support sustainable fisheries and thriving coastal communities by involving fishermen in research, advocacy and conservation initiatives. This series is part of a push by ALFA and other groups to provide resources and educational opportunities for fishermen, especially those who are just starting out.

“Thanks to the support of our sponsors and ALFA’s membership, we are able to offer these workshops free and open to the public,” says ALFA executive director Linda Behnken.

The April 2nd events will be held at 304 Baranof Street. Please visit for a full schedule of events.


Tara Racine, Outreach Coordinator, ALFA: 907-747-3400

Linda Behnken, Executive Director, ALFA: 907-738-3615


Tuesday, April 2nd, Alaska Longline Fishermen Association Office
                                304 Baranof Street, Sitka

·  9am-12pm Electrical Systems for Fishing Vessels (Eric Holmgren, Current Navigation LLC)

·  12:15pm *working lunch, pizza provided by Alaska Longline Fishermen Association and Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust*

·  12:15pm-2:15pm Hydraulics: Tackling Common Problems That Cause Lost Fishing Time (Paul Rioux, Precision Boatworks)

·  2:30pm-4:30pm Nobeltec Training Beginner/Moderate (Daniel Joram, Nobeltec)

·  4:45pm-6:15 pm Nobeltec Advanced (Daniel Joram, Nobeltec)

· 6:30pm-7:30pm What’s New in Survival Equipment, a Question and Answer Session (Jerry Dzugan, AMSEA)