Notification of Upcoming Workshop: Steller sea lion/Salmon Fisheries Interaction Workshop

Meeting: Steller sea lion/Salmon Fisheries Interaction Workshop


April 29 - 11:30-4:30 – coffee, tea, and lunch provided

April 30 - drop in 9:00-nooncoffee, tea, and snacks provided - organizers will be available in the morning for further discussion, brainstorming, planning. If there is interest, we also would be happy to come to the docks to meet with fishermen, look at gear, and have any follow-up discussions in the afternoon.

Meeting Location: NSRAA, 1308 Sawmill Creek Road, Sitka, Alaska 99835

Introduction: We hope to meet with members of the fishing community to listen to fishermen’s concerns and have an open discussion about this problem. Our goals are to connect with fishermen interested in being part of a working group that will work toward developing effective deterrents or gear modifications that could help fishermen avoid catch and gear losses. 

Eric Jordan has agreed to lead discussions. We will have an open discussion on the issue of sea lion depredation and brainstorm ideas that may help reduce this problem. ADF&G and NOAA Fisheries will also give a short presentation on the data we have collected on Steller sea lion - fishery interactions. Mainly, we hope to develop a relationship between the salmon fishing community and biologists to discuss this issue and formulate possible solutions together.

***Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) will be handling logistics and travel for fishermen/women coming from out of town.

To set up travel:

Fill out the attached travel request form and email to Teresa Fairchild at If you have question, please call Teresa at 503-595-3105.

Per Diem: for those coming from outside of Sitka, PSMFC will have a partially prepared travel claim at the meeting that you can complete and mail in for reimbursement.

Stipend: Fishermen/women that attend the full workshop on April 29th can complete a form at the meeting to mail in for compensation for their time.

Deadline for booking travel through PSMFC is March 27, 2019

For additional information, please contact Kim Raum-Suryan at, Lauri Jemison at, or Molly Kemp at Thank you.