On Mother's Day, I worry about the world we're leaving our kids

Our executive director Linda Behnken recently wrote an op ed for the Seattle Times about the importance of managing our fisheries wisely for the next generation. 

My son has fished with me since he was 5 months old. He was not much help then, but he was on the boat that first summer of his life and every summer since, toughing out his share of seasickness and gradually changing from a liability to an asset. Fishing is in his blood; he wants to be at the rail as each and every hook comes aboard so he can see the fish and help land them.

He loves fish — not just catching, selling or eating them, but learning all he can about their characteristics and habitat niche. He has two fish tanks at home, and we often have a tote of water sloshing around on deck with a fish, snail or crab he wants to watch for a while, swimming in habitat he has created with seaweed, rocks or shells.

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