Sablefish Summit, Bathymetric Map roll out next week!

On March 6th and 7th, ALFA will host educational events including a roll out of the latest ALFA bathymetric charts, an AMSEA course, and (co-hosted with NOAA and ADF&G) the Sitka Sablefish Summit, featuring presentations on the status and management of sablefish stocks in both State and Federal waters. The federal sablefish component will also include a pre-summit small group discussion of the future sablefish apportionment process. 

See below for more details: 


Educational talks & workshops: March 6th, 2018- Karsch Classroom, Sitka Sound Science Center

  • Noon: AMSEA course: ""How to Avoid Being Large Ship Road Kill!"
  • 1PM: Sablefish Apportionment process discussion 
  • 3PM: 2018 ALFA Bathymetric Mapping data roll out & workshop (with explanation of data sources, data management process, and opportunity to sign up to get your data if you are an ALFA member who meets the criteria)

Sablefish Summit: March 7th, 2018- University of Alaska Sitka, Room 106

1PM to 5PM

ADFG representatives will talk with stakeholders about the NSEI state fishery. There will also be presentations on the Gulf of Alaska federal sablefish stock by federal stock assessment scientists. Individuals unable to attend in person can call in from any location, and if they have a computer, smartphone, and/or tablet can attend the web conference with instructions here. 

The following agenda items will be presented at the meeting:

  • NSEI fishery and stock assessment updates
  • NSEI sablefish quota decrements
  • NSEI future survey and fieldwork
  • Gulf of Alaska federal sablefish fishery stock status and whale depredation corrections.