Council sets 2019 sablefish quotas

On Thursday, December 6th, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council adopted harvest specifications for the 2019 season. The sablefish quota will be 11,571 metric tons (25.5 million round pounds). The projected harvest will be similar to the 2018 catch of 11,716 metric tons (with deliveries reported through November 8th). The breakdown by fishery area is as follows:

Southeast Outside: 2,984 metric tons/6,578,526 round pounds

West Yakutat: 1,828 metric tons/4,030,008 round pounds

Central Gulf: 5,178 metric tons/11,415,418 round pounds

Western Gulf: 1,581 metric tons/3,485,472 round pounds

Projections are for increased catch limits in 2020, with a total catch limit of over 34 million round pounds with increases of roughly 25 percent in each fishery area.