Electronic Monitoring Enrollment Deadline November 1

Upcoming Electronic Monitoring Deadline - November 1

The window of opportunity to participate in the 2019 Electronic Monitoring Program for federal pot and longline fishermen in the North Pacific is closing soon. Vessels wanting to opt-in to the electronic monitoring selection pool, or opt-out, must do so before November 1 through the Observer Declare and Deploy System or “ODDS” website. Those wishing to remain in the selection pool should contact their service providers to have their Vessel Monitoring Plans approved. Electronic monitoring is now fully implemented in the North Pacific for both pot cod and longline halibut after years of volunteer work from commercial fishermen across the state. Last June, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council approved increasing the number of vessels allowed to participate in both the longline and pot fishing selection pools due to expressed interest from commercial fishermen.

Further information can be found at: https://alaskafisheries.noaa.gov/fisheries/em-faq