ALFA to host Spring Fishermen's Expo & Sablefish Summit

ALFA will be hosting a Spring Fishermen's Expo in conjunction with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's sablefish summit on March 2nd-3rd. Schedule of events:

Thursday, March 2nd, Sitka Sound Science Center

  • 9AM-10AM- simulated fire extinguishing training with AMSEA
  • 10AM-noon Beginner’s bathymetric workshop
  • Lunch (provided) - fire extinguishing simulation
  • 12:30-2PM Financial skills for fishermen
  • 2:15-4PM Advanced bathymetric workshop


Friday, March 3rd, UAS Sitka Room #229 (hosted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game) 

  • 12-5PM: Sablefish summit: status of the stock, state and federal waters; updates on the Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project(light refreshments provided) 
    • Introduction   –   Andrew Olson (ADF&G)
    • NSEI fishery and survey data review–  Ben Williams (ADF&G)
    • NSEI age structured assessment model– Ben Williams (ADF&G)
    • Outlook for 2017 NSEI sablefish quota/ NSEI decrement review – Andrew Olson (ADF&G)
    •  NSEI future fieldwork/ Budget update – Andrew Olson (ADF&G)   
    •  Gulf of Alaska federal sablefish fishery stock status – Dana Hanselman/Chris Lunsford (NOAA)
    •  Sperm whale tagging and depredation –Neve Baker (SEASWAP)

A huge THANK you to our sponsors workshop organizers: 

Murray Pacific, AMSEA, Delta Western, Inc., The Daily Sitka Sentinel, the City of Sitka, Harry Race Pharmacy, Nobeltec, Wells Fargo, and Spirit Bear Bookkeeping! 


Can't make it in person? This press release has information on attending via webinar on the second page:


February 17th 2017

ALFA to host Spring Fishermen’s Expo, free educational workshops for local fishermen


Following the success of a similar event held this fall, the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association (ALFA) is hosting a Spring Fishermen’s Expo on March 2nd-3rd to provide educational workshops and technical assistance to local fishermen.  The two-day series will wrap up with an overview of sablefish stock status and updates provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on March 3rd.


During the workshops, fishermen will have the opportunity to attend bathymetric mapping workshops at both beginner and advanced levels, receive technical support on their vessels, and attend a “financing your fishing business” session targeted towards young and beginning fishermen. In addition to an overview of the NSEI state sablefish fishery, there will also be presentations on the Gulf of Alaska federal sablefish stock by federal stock assessment scientists and on whale depredation research by the Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project (SEASWAP) scientists.

ALFA is an alliance of small-boat, commercial fishermen that support sustainable fisheries and thriving coastal communities by involving fishermen in research, advocacy and conservation initiatives. This series is part of a push by ALFA and other groups to provide resources and educational opportunities for fishermen, especially those who are just starting out.

“Thanks to the support of our sponsors and ALFA’s membership, we are able to offer these workshops free and open to the public," says ALFA Executive Director Linda Behnken. "In the future, we hope to build on this successful model with support from the Young Fishermen’s Development Fund, a fund that will be created by legislation soon to be introduced to this Congress with bipartisan support.”


The March 2nd events will be held at the Sitka Sound Science Center, and the sablefish summit will be held at the University of Alaska Southeast. Please visit for a full schedule of events.



Linda Behnken, Executive Director, ALFA: 907-738-3615

Alyssa Russell, Outreach Coordinator, ALFA: 508-566-6098