ALFA Releases 2016 Annual Report

View the full report here. 

Dear Fishermen, Friends and Community Members,

We are pleased to share with you an overview of ALFA’s work this past year.  

ALFA promotes sustainable fisheries and thriving coastal communities through advocacy, research and education. We support science-based fisheries management and policy scaled to meet the needs of community-based fishermen. We are involved in multiple innovative and collaborative efforts to strengthen fisheries management generally and the success of small boats in particular.

We believe strongly that in coastal Alaska community-based fishermen’s concerns are the community’s concerns. With fishing the largest private sector employer in Alaska, fighting for the economic viability of small boat fishing is a crucial battle for the whole state.  Fisheries are Alaska’s sustainable future, and we are working to secure that future for coastal Alaskans.

In our last annual report (2015), we told told you that in 2016 we would make community out-reach beyond the docks a priority. As you read our annual report, we hope you will see how we have delivered on this promise. In the coming year we will share ALFAs work in exciting ways while tackling with renewed commitment, increased capacity and exciting new partnerships, the many issues and opportunities facing our fisheries and fishing communities.

I hope you enjoy learning about ALFA’s work through this Annual Report. Please call or email with questions, ideas, or suggestion about our work.  We would love to hear from you!


Warm wishes for the New Year,

Linda Behnken

Executive Director