Fishing Vessels Needed in Sitka to Help Train New Dockside Examiners

In order to meet the demand for Fishing Vessel Dockside Exams, the Coast Guard is conducting another week-long Training Academy for prospective Fishing Vessel Dockside Examiners.  The training will be conducted from September 12th thru 16th and there will be over a dozen students here in Sitka from throughout Alaska learning how to conduct Dockside Safety Exams.  The most beneficial part of the week will be to get the students aboard as many different fishing vessels as possible to learn how to conduct exams. 

If you have a fishing vessel in Sitka, we would love your help.  You can either schedule an actual Dockside Exam or you can offer your vessel for one (or more) practice exams.  Vessels are needed on Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday, September 14th and 15th.  All trainees will be directly supervised by a qualified Dockside Examiner.

 If you are able to help us out, please contact Steve Ramp in Sitka at 907 966-5620 or 907 738-7267.