2016 EM Cooperative Research Participants - Pre-register NOW

If your vessel is currently on the 2016 Opt-In list to participate in the EM cooperative research program:

Vessels participating in this program in 2016 need to register in advance of the next EM fishing period. In each fishing period, 30% of the vessels that are pre-registered will be selected and required to carry an EM system. 

If you plan on fishing in the next EM fishing period, July to October of this year, please pre-register by replying to Liz Chilton no later than May 31, 2016. Once we have completed the selection process and if your vessel was selected to carry an EM system, we will contact you to connect you with the EM system provider. 

Thanks for your continued cooperation and participation in this cooperative research program. 

* An email was sent with almost the exact same wording to those vessel owners registered. That email was the Observer Program's initial attempt to communicate with the 2016 EM participants using Constant Contact. They plan to continue using this service for future communications to the fleet about the electronic monitoring program. Please contact Liz Chilton at 206-526-4197 with questions about that email service.