Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott Release Transition Team Reports

January 20, 2015 JUNEAU - Governor Bill Walker and Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott today released the Transition Team Conference reports to the public via the Governor’s website (link below).  A common theme among the 17 working groups is a call for an open, accountable and participatory government.

More than 250 Alaskans were charged with identifying and agreeing upon the top five priorities in 17 categories during a two-day conference held in Anchorage in late November. Each working group was comprised of a diverse body of individuals representing a wide range of expertise and opinions. Their goal was to work together not only on priorities, but also to identify barriers to success and actions that could be taken to address those barriers.

Bipartisan transition conference co-chairs Rick Halford of Chugiak/Dillingham and Ana Hoffman of Bethel applauded the incoming administration’s efforts to gather thorough input from all the groups.

“Your commitment to inclusiveness resulted in a diverse gathering of Alaskans,” said Hoffman. “You created one of the largest transition teams ever assembled in our state. You encouraged us to honestly share our thoughts, ideas and wisdom in an open and transparent manner – allowing the public and the media to observe the process.”

Halford thanked the all-volunteer teams. “We are ever mindful of the looming fiscal challenges and we did not shy away from the reality of declining oil prices,” Halford said. “Through your leadership, the transition team demonstrated that, despite the challenges, there is energy and enthusiasm from a broad spectrum of citizens ready to work together to put Alaska first.”

While he doesn’t expect the administration will agree with every suggestion put forward, Governor Walker said he would use the reports to measure Alaska’s varied interests on the issues at hand.

“This living document, sustained by the relationships built during the conference, will be a valuable tool as we begin to tackle the budget and review legislation in the coming year,” Walker said. 

Governor Walker has already followed up on several transition themes, including the need to increase Alaskans’ engagement in government. Thousands of citizens and state employees have submitted their ideas on ways to save the state money through the Voices for Vision online survey. In response to suggestions from his consumer energy transition team, Governor Walker issued an administrative order last week addressing the collaboration and coordination of the state’s consumer energy efforts.

“These Alaskans underscored the need for ethical and equitable leadership,” said Lt. Gov. Mallott. “And in Bill Walker, Alaskans have a strong leader committed to the future of the state and not afraid to confront difficult choices openly and fairly."

*  Link to Transition Report:
*  The Fisheries Transition team was not allowed to address allocation issues (eg bycatch).  
*  ALFA's Executive Director, Linda Behnken, served on the Fisheries Transition Team.