Board of Fisheries Update on Groundfish Proposals

The Board of Fisheries met in Sitka from February 23rd - March 3, addressing SE finfish and groundfish proposals.  On Friday the Board took action on groundfish proposals aimed at spiny dogfish and state waters sablefish.  

The Board opposed a proposal to allow a pot fishery for spiny dogfish

The Board did not take action on proposals that would have allowed pots in the Chatham and Clarence sablefish fisheries (Dept of Law determined that the BOF did not have authority to permit additional pot gear in the limited entry Clarence pot fishery; the Board did not authorize pot gear in the Chatham Strait fishery.)

The Board adopted a substitute proposal that established the following limits for personal use sablefish harvest in SE state waters:
- 50 sablefish annual limit per household permit, and
- 350 hook limit per household permit, and
- 200 sablefish vessel limit per trip.