ALFA’s Fishery Conservation Network (FCN) engages fishermen in research and conservation initiatives. We believe fishermen are among the most innovative and resourceful people on the planet, and look to our members to identify solutions to research challenges. With fishermen-generated ideas, we design tools that assist the fleet in mentoring other fishermen and improving fishing practices.

ALFA launched the Fishery Conservation Network with the generous support of the Oak Foundation in 2009. Many members of the fishing fleet have joined – and over the past five years, over seventy commercial fishermen have worked together on projects such as reducing rockfish bycatch rates and mapping seafloor habitat. 

Learn more about our projects: 

Bathymetry and Bycatch Reduction

Fuel Efficiency

Whale Avoidance

Electronic Monitoring

We are eager to engage more fishermen in ongoing and new projects. Join us today by signing up online, calling the ALFA office at 907.747.3400 or emailing us at